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Core Values

Our principles/core values support us in achieving our global business strategy. They are those business and interpersonal skills that underpin our success in the Knowledge Services business.

Our principles reflect the behaviors we demonstrate to build and maintain relationships with our clients and colleagues, and towards delivering results in line with our clients’ expectations. These values also help us in developing our own potential.

These set of values, as elaborated below, capture some of the richness of the wide range of roles across our business, and are reflected to some degree in all of our resources.

  • Love and community

    Build an enterprise based on Love instead of Fear, on community instead of individuals.

  • Passion and ambition

    Echo Connect's striving ambition is to help entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their businesses.

  • Freedom and accountability

    Echo Connect believes that the best people produce the best results when they accept complete autonomy and responsibility.

  • Team work

    Echo Connect believes that team work is a multiplier of human imagination and capabilities.

  • Innovation and rewards

    When people are curious and granted autonomy to experiment, new ideas to change the world emerge.

  • Commitments and not assignments

    Associates negotiate job responsibilities and assignments with their Peers.

  • Execution and Excellence

    We work in partnership with our clients to become home away from home.

  • No organizational chart; No bosses

    Our open management philosophy produces plenty of leaders but no bosses.

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